Els Brouwer-Executive Director, Projob Company Onboarding.

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Els Brouwer is the Executive Director of Projob Company Onboarding. They are a Business 2 Business network and an onboarding program for international companies looking to migrate to The Netherlands or are already based here. A network of Dutch and international companies for sharing experiences, services, knowledge and to create together an interesting business climate for international companies in the Netherlands. Projob Company Onboarding also acts as a guide through the complexity of the Dutch employment and labour market. Not only is Els the Executive Director Projob Company Onboarding- Projob, Storyteller, trainer, Narratief coach – Inktvis.Comm. The job market is all about spotting opportunities and responding to them. This, together with maximising the potential of a situation, is what makes Els tick.

Els shares with us how the team adapted to the changes brought on by Covid which lead to a new innovation, the Hybrid office. The team also found that despite they unusual way of working they strengthened and grew even closer. Through the effects of the pandemic we have now all experienced a world of digitialisation and automation with reduced human contact., Els highlights how the value of human interaction and socialisation is very high and shares some of the lessons she has learned during the global pandemic.

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