Connecting during Covid with Anny Langan, Senior Lecturer at Amsterdam International School of Business.

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Anny Langan joins us for this weeks feature #makingconnections during covid. Anny is a Senior lecturer at the Amsterdam International School of Business. The Amsterdam School of International Business provides students with a global business education in the field of applied sciences.

It is a dynamic international, educational hub where students learn and connect as they acquire the skills and knowledge needed to lead in tomorrow’s global labour market. Covid has had a significant impact on students and staff, the way of working and learning, and all have had plenty of challenges to overcome. Normally a bustling hub of activity the corridors are quiet as students and staff adapt to the new normal for online learning. Rapid adaptation to continue  delivery of courses and programs has ensured the students’ education continues though the normal interactions are greatly missed by all. How communities have come together has been heartening.

Anny’s hopes for the future are to continue drawing on their unique sense of community spirit to support each other, and to become more resilient in the face of adversity, together.  Join us for the next episode, December 24th and don’t forget to contact us at if you wish to share your Covid-19 experience! Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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