Connecting during Covid with Mariska de Koning – The Celtic Shop.

Mariska de Koning, features this week in our vlog series, #makingconnections during Covid.
Mariska is the Owner of The Celtic Shop, founded by her parents 29 years ago in Bergen op Zoom. The Celtic Shop is a household name for people from all over the Netherlands and Belgium.

Mariska stocks exclusive items that are 100% handmade in Ireland, and in recent years, they have specialized in Celtic (wedding) rings and jewelry. They offer a range of instruments like the bodhrán, concertina, various tin whistles, low whistles and flutes.The best and most beautiful jewelry and musical instruments are selected for you and every budget is taken into account.  Mariska even launched a new product called the Ireland Experience package for everyone who misses Ireland during these most unusual times.

Currently visiting the shop in person is by appointment only, but fortunately the webshop is open 24/7 and Mariska says “don’t be shy” about getting in touch by email, whatsapp, phone.

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