Cultural Challenges in Irish-Dutch Business


22 June 2021

Intercultural competences represent a critical success factor for international business practice.

Avans University of Applied Sciences and GrowEurBusiness, in association with INBA and DIBA, have launched a research project to investigate how to develop the key skills needed to succeed – what are the cultural challenges in Irish-Dutch business relations?  How to overcome them? Are you a Dutch professional doing business in Ireland or an Irish professional doing business in The Netherlands?  Would you like to take part in this exciting research?

In a series of two interactive, on-line workshops, we invite business professionals from these two countries to share their experiences.  The two workshops will be in small groups in breakout rooms for easy discussion. All sessions will be configured, moderated, recorded, transcribed and analysed by Avans researchers. The first workshop will focus on collecting experiences and defining the perceived cultural challenges; the second will further explore experiences and situations and discuss practices on how to overcome them.

The first workshop will take place on 22 June and the second on 6 July. Each workshop lasts a maximum of 1,5 hours and is completely free of charge.

In September/October, there will be a concluding webinar and report available freely to all interested, presenting and showcasing the analysis, findings and insights.

Take the opportunity to contribute to this research project and discover how you can develop your Irish-Dutch inter-cultural competences. If you are interested, register here before June 14.

Due to limited places available, participation to the workshops is subject to confirmation. After June 14, participants interested to contribute to the workshops will receive a follow-up, confirmation e-mail.



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