Members spotlight. Hein-Willem Leeraar, Agribusiness Consultant, longterm INBA member.

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Did you know that the Netherlands is in the top 5 of the largest  dairy exporters  globally?  Ireland  is the 10th largest  dairy export  nation in the world,  exporting  85% of all  dairy  outputs.
It’s probably fitting that the timing for the publication of the vlog from Hein-Willem Leeraar one of our longest members is aligned with the NL qualifying for the next round in the Euros.  Just as the top footballers in the Dutch national team,  seek high performance coaches to provide invaluable constructive feedback and insight in order to improve their stamina, output and performance on the field,  so to do Dutch farmers.  Hein-Willem is such a specialist consultant  !! His role is especially more important in light of the EU’s Green Deal and Farm to Fork strategy.
For 2021, the INBA chose the UN SDG targets as their theme.  The UN SDGs challenge citizens, companies and governments to achieve their targets, not just in their own country, but also to share best practice in order to transfer knowledge to those most in need.  As an advisor to PUM, Hein-Willem, is the living embodiment of  this principle through his daily actions in advising standards and best practice in developing countries.
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