Your network is your net worth

I love the Porter Gale quote “Your network is your net worth”. Anyone developing or running a business fully understands this. That’s why the recent European Trade Mission to Germany, France and the Netherlands with Minister for Trade Robert Troy was so important.

As the Ireland Netherlands Business Association Representative, I was delighted to meet with other business leaders, be it those from Irish global success stories like Smurfit Kappa, or the innovative disruptive tech startups who are enabling Europe’s digitisation targets under the Green Deal, to be achieved whilst ensuring our cybersecurity.

We discussed both the challenges and opportunities that Irish companies face on the collective road to decarbonisation and growth, against the backdrop of a business dinner hosted by Enterprise Ireland Benelux.

Evenings such as these remind me of the importance of communication, exchange, understanding the unmet needs of the market, and how by joining forces, we can sustainably grow stronger together. Perhaps such close ties, trust and transparency between both countries explains why, in 2021, Irish businesses exports to the Netherlands amounted to $11 billion.

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